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Cheat Sheet for Babysitters


 Looking for some babysitter tips? Look no further! Check out our Cheat Sheet For Babysitters!

Cheat Sheet For Babysitters

     Communication Guide

  • Everyone uses nicknames in their home. Making sure the Sitter is aware of nicknames that your child uses will help both the Sitter and the child communicate easily-- & have lots of fun together!

     Medical Information

  • Make sure the Sitter is aware of any medical concerns. Make a list and discuss with the  Sitter so he/she is able to calmly react to the situation if need be.
  • Also, discuss emergency contact numbers, close neighbors address/number (if you are close to neighbors and the neighbor is able to help), and to contact 911 if necessary. 

       Strategies through Challenging Behavior

  • Making sure the Sitter is aware of any challenging behaviors that may occur. If there is a Behavior Intervention Plan in place, or a plan of action on how to react to the challenging behaviors this will help the Sitter know what to do.
  • Showing a video of behaviors that may occur, discuss/list what triggers may cause behavior, and/or model what to do when behaviors occurs so the Sitter is comfortable with the child at all times.
  • Making a list of different things that you want the sitter to use while playing/hanging out with your child (verbal prompts, setting timers for activity, creating a visual schedule for the Sitter and the child to view for the night, etc).
  • Discuss with the Sitter any coping strategies that your child likes (deep breathes, break by themselves, read a book, etc).
  • TIP: For the first time the child meets the sitter, ask the sitter to come over a couple of days before you will be needing him/her and get your child/children to play with the sitter while you are present. This will help everyone be more comfortable!

        Bathroom Schedule

  • Inform the Sitter if your child is toilet trained or if they not just yet. If the child is not potty trained, discuss how often to change the child’s pull up or how often you want the sitter to help your child go sit on the toilet. Also, it maybe a good idea to inform the Sitter on the intake of liquid you want are wanting for your child just in case of accidents.

        Fun Activities

  • Put out toys that your child loves! This will help the sitter feel comfortable and begin playing with your child.
  • Screen time: note to the Sitter how much time you want your child playing on the phone or iPad, watching a movie, etc.


  • If the sitter is coming around meal times, put together a list of snacks your child may want to eat so the they are aware of what to provide your child.


  • Typically all kids follow a routine for bedtime. If the Sitter is putting your child to bed, make sure the Sitter is aware of what your child likes done a certain way. This will help your child with a smooth transition into bedtime.


  • If you want your Sitter to drive your child, it will be helpful of a list of places your child likes to visit during the day (library, park, restaurant, etc). If driving your child is unnecessary (parents only going to dinner) make sure to inform the sitter just incase the child requests to go somewhere.
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